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Ethereum Blockchain Connect

  • What this means for Creators?
  • TABUART provides a simple and effective way for Creators to use the Ethereum blockchain to sell a Limited amount of NFT's. The Ethereum blockchain network opens endless possibilities.
  • Why use TABUART to create NFT art using the Ethereum blockchain network?
  • TABUART uploads creator's artwork to the Ethereum blockchain network. The Ethereum blockchain network allows for a limited supply of digital assets. As a result, creating a collectable digital asset. In this case, digital artwork. NFT art for creators to sell. A perfect example would be if the creator used a different medium to create the print with, in this case digital. This is technology provides creators a way to not have to worry about all of the expensive tools and materials needed to create high quality prints of their art. It gives creators the ability to create the art they want using the meduim they want and live the life they choose. In time, creators may have the potential to travel the world and work from wherever they choose, depending on their internet connection, they can easily add to their revenue stream. Live the life you want to live.
  • Save Money and the Environment
  • • Creating high quality limited edition 2D or 3D prints on printed material is expensive. It can add up quickly between the cost of a quality printer, ink (which in most cases can cost more than the printer), material (i.e. paper or canvas), shipping containers, packaging material, printer maintenance, cleanup, and postage. It could cost thousands of dollars just in materials to make the prints and get something like that started. Using TABUART solves this problem by providing Creators a cost-effective way to sell artwork digitally, giving them more time to focus on creating and developing their craft.
  • • By using TABUART as opposed to traditional printing, you’re not only saving money, you’re also saving the environment by going digital. Selling the digital Ethereum blockchain version of your artwork gives the environment a break. Without sacrificing quality, you’re doing your part for the environment and getting ahead of the curve in both the real and digital world by taking advantage of the Ethereum blockchain technology.
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  • What this means for Collectors?
  • • Another added feature is TABUART’s Smart Contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. Every purchase of a limited edition piece of blockchain artwork has a smart contract embedded that contains the provenance data and the owner of the artwork. This ensures trust and transparency so the Collector will be able to see anytime the artwork has been sold and at what price. The owner of the artwork can choose to remain anonymous.
  • TABUART’s smart contracts let collectors sell each individual NFT or their entire collection of NFT art. For example, if for some reason they either have too much artwork, they get tired of a piece of work, or want to start fresh and make a new collection. Collectors have the ability to sell the artwork in their TABUART collectors vault.

Art Collection
  • Photo Credit - Klaudia Piaskowska

Personal Online Gallery

  • What this means for Creators?
  • TABUART provides Creators with a personal online gallery that can be customized to the way that best fits the art and style of the artist. Creators can present custom art for Collectors around the world to view, follow, and purchase. TABUART’s clean yet dynamic layout makes browsing your online gallery easy.
  • • In addition to selling and showcasing art in the gallery, Creators also have the added feature of selling other digital assets such as; video tutorials, procreate brushes, photoshop brushes, photobash photo packs.
  • What this means for Collectors?
  • • Each Collector is given a personal online Collectors Vault to store as much art as they choose depending on membership plan. They can also manage and organize the art they’ve purchased in the best way they see fit and can resell any of their owned NFT art.
  • • Collectors can create a personal playlist of art for any occasion.

Analytics and Adwords

  • TABUART’s analytic metrics show vital information on each piece of art for sale in a Creator’s gallery allowing for insights on where to put time and effort based on what’s selling and what’s popular. TABUART’s analytics enable Creators to learn how different pieces of work perform; giving Creators the ability to experiment with new work in a more educated way, while still fulfilling what fans want to see.
  • • Depending on the TABUART Membership Plan, Creators can integrate Google Analytics to give a more in-depth analysis of data and better understand how to serve fans better.
  • • In addition, Creators can also integrate Google AdWords to help drive more traffic to their online art gallery by providing a way to be seen by Collectors who are interested. Find out how to integrate Google AdWords in the tutorial we’ve put together in our Learning Center here and start driving more traffic to your TABUART online gallery.
Data Analytics

Self Promotion
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Self Promotion within TABUART

  • TABUART provides Creators with the ability to promote their gallery and each individual piece of art they upload within the TABUART community. TABUART wants you to succeed so you can create beautiful creations for the world, be a happier person, and live the life you choose. We make it a breeze for Collectors to find you.
  • • As Creators release new artwork, anyone following that Creator is automatically notified there is new artwork available. The newly released artwork will show up in the Collector’s Art Feed.
  • • The same notification applies when a work of art is resold. For example, when a Collector resells a piece of NFT art, the Creator and all followers of that Creator, will be notified the moment it’s put up for sale.


Social Media Fuse and Connect

  • TABUART’s Social Media Fuse tool allows Creators to upload art to social media channels any time they upload a piece of art to TABUART. With so many social media outlets, it can be extremely time consuming to upload one piece of art to several different social media channels at a time. TABUART’s Social Media Fuse tool simplifies this process for the Creator so they have more time to do the things they want; fitness, spending time with loved ones, travel, reading, or creating more work. It’s up to you!
  • TABUART’s Social Media Connect tool is designed with the Collector in mind. Anytime a Collector purchases a new favorite piece of art, they will be able to share it on social media channels with friends and family.



Connecting Social Media
  • Photo Credit - Joel Filipe

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