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List of countries supported for Creators

Monthly   $5.99/mo $8.99/mo
Hosting Online Art Gallery      
Sell Standard Editions and Rare Limited Edition Digital Art Prints


You set your own price, 85% of Revenue


You set your own price, 90% of Revenue


You set your own price, 95% of Revenue

No Ethereum Gas Fees


15% Royalties on blockchain art net resales

Mobile Optimized Gallery      
Snap Art      
Art Feed      

16K Images

(Large uploads up to 200MB)

Social Media Connect and Fuse      
Basic Metrics      
Online Member Badges      
Priority Support      
Advanced Analytics (Add Google Analytics)      
Premium search Placement      

4GB of Storage

Artists can have roughly 20 - 200MB sized art images and no videos in their gallery at a time to sell

15GB of Storage

Artists can have 75 - 200MB sized art images in their gallery at a time to sell

30GB of Storage

Artists can have 150 - 200MB sized art images in their gallery at a time to sell


Multiple Payments

(Accept Payment in your currency, 135 countries)

Fraud Analysis      
Percent Creators earn from the net of a Sale. 85% 90% 95%
Payment Processing fees

4.9% + .50¢

(+ $2 charge per monthly active account)  

3.5% + .50¢

(+ $2 charge per monthly active account)  

3.3% + .50¢

(+ $2 charge per monthly active account)  

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How do TABUART Royalties  work?

Creators receive 15% royalties on Resale sells of their Blockchain art prints. Only when Collectors purchase a Blockchain art prints as a resale from another Collector on TABUART using TABUART's smart contracts.


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What can you expect from any Creator plan?

Try TABUART for free, no credit card required

TABUART Customer Support

We want you to succeed on TABUART. We're here to help you with any of your questions or concerns.

Enhanced Mobile Ability

TABUART utilizes Stripes mobile checkout. "They're responsive web design provides an optimal payment flow across devices. It dynamically surfaces mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay when relevant for you." - Stripe

TABUART Community

The TABUART community is centered around supporting independent Creators around the world. TABUART lets Creators sell and share finished work and announcements with the TABUART community. As each Creator uploads a new piece of art, Collectors are notified automatically from TABUART.

Proven and Robust Analytics

TABUART's basic analytics provide Creators with the reliable intelligence they need to improve and grow in real time.

Multiple payment Countries

TABUART accepts payments from most major credit card companies in 135 countries and will be able to accept more soon.

Fraud Protection

TABUART utilizes Stripe checkout to prevent fraud. "Stripe uses Stripes Radar's machine learning tools to help you distinguish fraudsters from customers." - Stripe

Google Analytics

Creators can now keep track of where their traffic is coming from to their TABUART Gallery. Integrate Google Analytics into your account.

4K, 8K, and 16K Images and Video Clips

TABUART lets you upload file sizes up to 200MB. We understand the importance of high-resolution images being shown the way the creator intended. TABUART utilizes the latest OLED and QLED Technology from quality tv brands such as Samsung, LG, and Sony to display images at 4K and 8K resolutions.

Creator Membership Badges

Below are the memberhsip badges for creators.




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What else would you like to know?

Try TABUART for free, no credit card required

General questions

Does TABUART charge a setup fee?

No, there is no setup fee for any of TABUART's plans.

How easy is it to switch plans?

You can alternate between any plan that fits your budget. There is no commitment to any one plan for a given amount of time.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

How long is my TABUART membership?

TABUART memberships are month to month, or you can choose to pay yearly and save 20%.

How do do Collectors view work they've purchased?

Collectors can access the purchased art through the TABUART website or TABUART TV App. To view the art in a Collectors Vault on the TABUART TV App, make sure the device is connected to the internet and download the TABUART TV App from either the Android or Amazon App Store. Login and register the device to your account and all purchased art will be ready to view. Collectors can also manage the Vault through the TABUART TV App or the TABUART website.

How am I able to stay in touch with people collecting my work?

TABUART lets your Fans and Collectors follow your gallery uploads. TABUART notifies a Collector when a Creator uploads new work (if notification settings are enabled).

What file types can I upload to my gallery?

Currently, you can upload, .JPG, .GIF, .TIF, .PDF, and .MP4. We will be updating this frequently with new files types to upload.

Storage questions

What if I run out of space to upload more work in my gallery?

Currently TABUART gives Creators the option to expand their Gallery by upgrading your Membership Plan.

Blockchain questions

How hard is it to turn one of my digital files into Blockchain Art?

TABUART makes it easy for Creators to create Limited Edition blockchain versions of digital files. TABUART walks Creators through the process when uploading new work. Essentially the Creator fills out the upload. Then. once the work has been submitted for review, TABUART takes care of the rest. Upon verification approval of the submitted work, the Creator receives the limited-edition version in their gallery. It's as simple as that. The process takes approximately 2 to 5 minutes for one piece to be converted.

How does selling Blockchain Art enable a Collector to receive a Resell Payout percentage (not exceeding the original purchase price)?

Collectors on TABUART receive many benefits by using our platform. One of those is whenever a Collector decides to resell a work of art in their Collection Vault. When the Collector sells the Listed work of art, the Collector receives 82% from the net of the resale of one of their blockchain art prints.

What is the Blockchain?

For more on What is the Blockchain, we encourage you to look at our Blockchain Tech page

How does selling Blockchain Art enable a Creator to get 15% Royalties?

Creators on TABUART receive many benefits by using our platform. One of those is whenever a Creator's work is resold to another Collector, the Creator receives 15% from the net of the sale for the life of each Limited Edition blockchain version. For example, if there are 50 minted Limited Edition blockchain prints minted from 1 Original digital file, then all 50 prints of the one piece of artwork will provide the Creator with 15% royalties from the net sale of each piece that is resold. TABUART achieves this through TABUART's smart contracts. TABUART's smart contracts enable artists to receive royalties.

Payment questions

How do Collectors receive their Resell Payout?

When you choose which Blockchain Art print you want to sell. You'll be guided through the Stripe onboarding process where Stripe will collect the neccessary information. By default, Collectors will receive payment in their selected currency. Your account balance will be deposited in your bank (135 countries), once the resale transaction has been succesfully completed.

How do Creators get paid?

Once the Creators have completed the Stripe onboarding process to recieve payments. By default, Creators will receive their selected currency Your account balance will be deposited in your bank (135 countries), Payout usually takes 3 business days to complete from the time of a sale.