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Why TABU Art?

Rethink your home, one piece of artwork at a time. Learn how TABUART can enrich your home, enlighten your interests, and inspire your guests. It's zero cost to get started.

Online Art Gallery


Secondary Markets

We've opened things up. Artists can choose if they want to sell their NFT artwork on secondary markets, (e.g. OpenSea.)



Give back to the Environment

TABUART gives Artists the choice to donate 100% of the proceeds, minus any transaction fees, from the sale of their NFT art to one of the Charities of their choice. Artist's can choose to help the environment from the charities we have listed. A step in the right direction.










Save the environment

Save Time and Money

The costs and time invovled for finding the right frame for just one piece of art can easily add up to the thousands. Between the frame, glass, mounting hardware, finding the right frame shop and taking the time to get this all done and then driving back and forth to the frame shop can all be exhausting. TABUART allows you to browse, purchase, and display original art in a fraction of the time and at a quarter of the cost.


How to save time and money

downloadable files

8K and 16K Resolution and Downloadable NFT's

TABUART is the only NFT platform that allows art collectors to collect 8K up to 16K resolution images.

TABUART automatically provides the art collector with the link to the low resolution artwork used when being displayed on the platform and also used when identifying the NFT on secondary markets. However, the artist "WILL SOON" have the choice to allow the art collector to choose if they want to allow their high resolution artwork to be downloaded when purchased. Either way the art collector will be able have access to the high resolution artwork. 1) (This feature coming soon) If the artist chooses to allow it to be downloadable or 2) If they do NOT allow it to be downloadable out of safety concerns the art collector will still be able to view their purchased High Resolution artwork within their collectors vault through the TABUART App.


Design your Space

We all have unique styles and preferences. Curate your own art collection that is unique to you. Join TABUART and start designing your space. Develop your own style, choose what you enjoy. You become the curator showcasing art that displays who you are, the pieces that mean the most to you. Art speaks differently to everyone. Let the arwork on TABUART enhance you're life.






Cut the Clutter and Save Storage Space

Is your art collecting dust in your attic because you’ve run out of wall space or the art doesn’t appeal to you anymore? Browse and create a massive collection of art. Works of art in your own personal Collectors Vault that speak to you.

Like your favorite music streaming service, for example Pandora or Spotify, except TABUART is for the visual arts. TABUART gives you the ability to easily make your own art playlist and collect as much as your heart desires, and display it on as many TV's (digital canvases) as you want.




5 Ways NFT Art is Changing the Art World


Passive Income


Passive Income

TABUART gives Creators the ability to enjoy a passive income from selling rare digital limited edition art prints. The rare authentic digital art prints can be sold in the artist's gallery or through TABUART’s Art Market. In addition, TABUART gives Creators the ability to sell other digital asset tools such as tutorials, procreate brushes, photoshop brushes, photobash photo packs.


Pay Royalties


Creator Royalties

Anytme a Creator or an Art Collector resells a rare digital limited edition art print, the Creators will receive 15% from the net re-sale of their artwork.


Ethereum Blockchain


Ethereum Blockchain

As stated earlier, artwork on the Ethereum blockchain enables Creators to mint a limited amount of rare NFT art from one piece of art (e.g. NFTArt). The way blockchain is structured establishes trust and transparency and ensures authenticity.



No more expensive frames


No More Expensive Frames

How much time and money do you normally spend finding the right mattes, glass, and frame for just one piece of artwork? How much art do you have lying around collecting dust because you've run out of wall space? Sometimes the frame and amount of time it takes to get it is more than the art is worth. The cost of frames can go well into the thousands. That's just for one piece!

TABUART let's you store several pieces of art in your account. So you only have to focus on framing 1, 2, or however many devices you want to display your collection in your home. TABUART lets you customize the mat colors for each piece in your collection. Storing as much art as you want and having the ability to view it almost anywhere.

Explore our frames listed, find the right one for you.

Art Auction


Resell Art Collection

Art Collectors can buy and resell any NFT's purchased on TABUART and will soon be able to sell NFT's on secondary markets. For example, if you've had a piece of art in your collection for years and you'd like to sell it and get something new,now you can!


Global Blockchain

Access your Collection from almost anywhere

So long as you have a reliable internet connection you can access your entire collection almost anywhere you go. It's easy, login to your TABUART account and either add or remove the registered device(s) you have in the admin panel on your TABUART account.


Ethereum Blockchain

TABUART capitalizes on Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has brought with it many new breakthrough opportunities, one of those is for art. It allows for a decentralized marketplace that creates trust and transparency, better security, a limited supply, resulting in an increased value of a digital asset in this case digital artwork, a permanent history record of the registered artwork.

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Harmonize Your Space with TABUART

TABUART provides you with several TV's (Art Displays), Hand Crafted TV frames, and TV Wall Mounts to choose from. There is a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs that compliment any space.

Art room



Explore the list of different TV mounts provided by our affiliates. Find the right one(s) for you.


TABUART has a wide array of TV wall mounts to choose from.

3D wall art decor



Explore the list of different 4K and 8K TV's (Art Displays). Find the right one(s) for you.


TABUART has a wide array of Art Displays to choose from. Find the right one(s) for you.

Bedroom wall art



Explore the list of different TV frames. Find the right one(s) for you.


TABUART has a wide array of Art Display TV frames to choose from.


How to get started with TABUART?

It's easy to get started.

Create an Account

  • Learn More: We invite you to open a FREE account with TABUART and start collecting art that speaks to you.
  • Explore: Browse the Art Market for Artwork to store in your Collector's Vault. Or login to your account on our mobile friendly site using Snap Art and staying up to date with your Art Feed.
Get Started for Free
How to create a Tabu Art account
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Digital Art apps
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Create a charming atmosphere.

Transform Your Home into a Professional Art Gallery

  • Download the TABUART TV app: to your TV from the Google Play App Store. The TABUART TV App will soon be available on several other platforms.
  • Register a Device: For a full list of all of the devices TABUART works on click here.
  • Customize your Collectors Vault: Login to your account on tabuart.com to manage your collection and playlists. Then open the TABUART App, select the playlist you want to view, and enjoy.
Memories that last a lifetime.

Enjoy your Private Collection of Art

  • Collectors Vault: Art Collectors are able to collect as much art as they want.
  • Playlists: Login to your account online and make as many viewing playlists as you want for different occasions
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Enjoy Life

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